Supporting Decentralisation

What can we, the people do to support decentralisation?

We can discuss decentralisation within our communities, and let our leaders know what we think about the process. Decentralisation will only work if the people and their leaders agree on what they what to achieve in terms of development.

For decentralisation to work, leaders must support the process. If the leaders realise that we, their people, want decentralisation to succeed, they will also support it.

We should therefore make sure that the councilors elected to serve on our regional local authority councils are always aware of our needs. After all, the councilors are just the guardians of the new powers that central government is giving to us, the people.

Regional councils and local authorities are obliged to listen to the communities. For example, at the regional level people can contribute towards decision-making by attending regional council or various development committees meetings and airing their needs and concerns with their constituency councilor. (More information available from your regional council or local authority.)